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Welcome to Terzoid Software!

Terzoid Software is located in Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, where we spend most of our waking hours (even some when we're not so awake) either making music or writing programs to make making music easier and more fun.

NoiZe for Windows Patch Editor/Librarian

Our main product is NoiZe for Windows, the first Universal MIDI Patch Editor/Librarian built specifically for WindowsTM.

NoiZe Version 3.21 is now shipping!
  Full 32-bit application. Now runs on Windows XP, 2000, and NT4!

NoiZe is a graphical MIDI Patch Editor and Librarian that lets you easily store, organize, and edit System Exclusive (SYSEX) patch data for synthesizers, effects units, and other MIDI devices using the power and flexibility of your computer. NoiZe lets you edit your patches on your computer's screen using your mouse and 3D graphic controls instead of wrestling with the buttons and tiny display on your instrument's front panel.

NoiZe Version 3.21 is a full 32-bit application that runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT4, Windows Me, Windows 98, or Windows 95, and works with any Windows compatible MIDI interface.

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